Dorset Drive

St Ives

Vintage Vernacular

This home was a suburban 1960’s faux Cape Cod style home on Sydney’s north shore.

The brief required an awkward layout be improved, and the largely open-plan spaces feel more defined and livable. The request was for a meeting of styles, with personality, art, bold colour and a nod to vintage.

To respond we decided to work with the 60’s faux Cape Cod architecture, not against it – turning potentially dated features into assets. Cornices and wood panelling in the stairwell proved successful in creating character in the home, and giving the vintage décor references relevance. 

Bold colour and pattern was injected via window treatments, wallpaper, rugs, and soft furnishings and completed the sophisticated eclectic aesthetic and sense of timelessness.

It’s more interesting than I ever expected,” says the owner. “
I love being in the space and am delighted to have friends around to enjoy it with me.

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