Boomerang Street


Modern Federation

Utilising colour to full effect, this family home in Sydney’s inner west is a Federation bungalow reworked for modern living.

The clients are a young couple with 4 small children. They loved the charm and character of their Federation home, however, they wanted their space to reflect their modern lifestyle. The brief was to incorporate a modern light interior while respecting the period of the architecture. This was achieved by stripping back the interior to its basic architectural features, and painting the original areas of the home in a neutral tone. In the addition, the walls were washed with the rich green hue, a colour reminiscent of a Federation heritage. This deep tone, while enveloping you in colour, helps the walls to recede, allowing one to focus on the few added period details and connection to the exterior.

The interior was punctuated with a couple of bold wallpapers in complementary tones, to hint at its traditional past and an eclectic mix of modern and mid century modern pieces. An emphasis on hand made construction and the rawness of materials like wood, sisal and leather, channel the hand crafted nature of the Federation / Arts and Craft movement.

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